Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Daily Wisdom

Pro 13:10 Only by pride cometh contention: but with the well advised is wisdom.”

In Judges 8:1-2, after Gideon had attacked and defeated the generals of the Midianites, separating from their fleeing army, Gideon called in Ephraim to “clean up” the escaping forces (“gleaning of the grapes”).  But, Ephraim's leaders felt left out because Gideon hadn’tt called them to join the onset of the battle, so they angrily confronted him. Gideon assured the leaders of Ephraim that their accomplishment was even greater than his own clan's. Not every necessary job is a highly visible or leadership role. Much of the necessary labor of any effective enterprise and ministry is considered by many to be dirty work or unfulfilling. But such work is vital to getting any task done, especially for the Lord. Engineers and millionaires may design and finance an elegant building, but it is the labors who get the work done. Pride causes us to want recognition; are you content to be God's bricklayer? There’s little press and thus prestige in the mission field, and yet the Lord calls each of us to it daily (Mt 28:19). But most are interested in designing and promoting the ministry rather than fulfilling it by sharing Christ themselves. Never let the recognition of one’s labor become more important than the purpose of the ministry itself.

Truth can be hard to swallow when one’s choking on their pride.

HSAY… Todd